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2021 has been the year of records for glass packaging

A record 12 months precede the UN International Year of Glass. The new data, released by FEVE – Fรฉdรฉration Europรฉenne du Verre d’Emballage, attest to a 2021 beyond expectations for glass packaging.

A resilient sector

After the decline in 2020, glass packaging is regaining the scene, testifying to a sector that is recovering, despite the many challenges dictated by the crisis during 2021. The glass industry responded to an exceptionally high market demand and ended the year with a 5% increase in the volume of production of glass packaging for the food and beverage sector, compared to 2020 values. The highest level ever recorded.

The numbers behind the success

According to the data provided by FEVE:

  • More than 23.4 million tonnes, or 83.3 billion bottles and jars, were produced for the European and global markets in 2021 .
  • Since 2012, container glass production has grown by 18.6%, at an average growth rate of 1.7% per year.
  • Production of glass flacons for the perfumery, cosmetics and pharmaceutical segments delivered a strong growth of 2.2% to reach 13.6 billion units by the end of 2021.
Glass packaging production data (

The satisfaction of the FEVE management

Vitaliano Torno, President of FEVE, wanted to underline the strength and tenacity of the glassworks, capable of supporting unprecedented demand and working at a fast pace to meet customer needs, despite the uncertainties regarding the supply of energy and raw materials and the increase in production costs, which have characterized the last two years. The growth in demand for this material also shows how glass packaging remains the preferred choice by customers to improve products, communicate quality and value and provide safe containers for the health of consumers and the environment.

Towards new goals

This record, registered in such a significant year for glass, is testimony to the uniqueness of this material, whose future will be just as prestigious, if not even more prestigious, than its past. This recognition also signals the importance of the circular economy model, represented by glass packaging, and serves as a further encouragement to innovate and strengthen the sustainability footprint of the sector with cutting-edge technologies.


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