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Arusha: few months to complete the nuclear energy laboratory

A state-of-the-art nuclear energy laboratory, unique in its genre in Africa, is nearing completion in Arusha. This facility would enable Tanzania to comply with internationally agreed legal and security requirements on nuclear energy equipment.

The project

The Sh13 billion facility has been under construction since 2017 and will be completed by September 2022.
The laboratory, located at Njiro suburb south east of Arusha, will serve the nuclear energy sector and the East African region. Its use will facilitate the testing and maintenance of sophisticated radiology equipment and instruments.

Phase I

The first phase of the project allowed the construction of four mini laboratories and a nuclear security support center. These mini laboratories deal with X-Ray Fluorescence devices, person monitoring dosimetry, standard dosimetry and a lab specific for the human body. The first phase ended in April 2018.

Phase II

The second phase of construction, which began in September 2019, involved the Chinese Li Jun Development Construction Company.
This phase involved the installation of ten mini laboratories, some of which are specific for radiology (Alpha, Beta and Gamma rays, Cytogenetic laboratory and XRF lab).
Other laboratories will deal with instrumentation and maintenance, radiochemistry and radioactive waste conditioning.


Now, following the invitation of the Education, Science and Technology minister Adolf Mkenda, it will be necessary to enhance public sensitization on nuclear energy.
In fact, nuclear technology will play a key role in Tanzanian development and will allow the ministry to promote an advanced and international training for the most deserving students in the field. 


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