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California relies on steel for first high-speed rail system

Steel returns to intercept the needs of large infrastructure projects, placing its many qualities at the service of the first high-speed railway system in the United States.
The California High-Speed ​​​​Rail Project will connect the state’s mega-regions: in particular, the 320kph bullet train line will allow you to travel from San Francisco to the Los Angeles Basin in less than three hours, a distance that currently takes about three times as long.

At a later stage, the infrastructure will extend to Sacramento and San Diego, covering more than 1,200 km; for a total of 24 stations. The size of the project and the different environmental conditions made it necessary to divide the work into ten sections, each subject to an assessment of its environmental impact.

The benefits of the project

The California High-Speed ​​Rail Project is part of the state’s economic regeneration plans and is committed to transforming the way people move around the state, promoting sustainability and protecting both the environment and agriculture. 
In addition to the environmental advantages, there are also economic ones. The California High-Speed ​​Rail Authority estimates that more than 730 small businesses are involved in the project, creating nearly 9,000 jobs.

Steel to revolutionize transportation

The value of this project is based on a material capable of guaranteeing safety and comfort but also a low environmental impact: steel. Indeed, ultra-long, high-strength steel rails are the proponents of ultra-fast travel, capable of revolutionizing the landscape of the Californian transportation sector. They must guarantee sensational resistance to wear, impact and fatigue.
Advanced steelmaking allowed individual railroad sections to be lengthened, resulting in faster and quieter travel for passengers and the environment; a dynamic that rewards steel as a symbol of a green and human-friendly future.


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