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Home Glass Industry ALU-PRO S.r.l.

ALU-PRO S.r.l.

The Alupro group specializes in the production of spacer profiles for double glazing.

The company founded in 1992 currently operates in four production plants located in Italy, Denmark, Russia and Poland. The main plant is located in Noale (Venice) and occupies an area of ​​approximately 30.000 square meters.

Alu-Pro moved to this new production plant at the end of 2002 from its historic headquarters in Salzano, which has now become insufficient for the size of the company. In Noale, 10 innovative profiling machines for production technology and automation operate in a continuous cycle and aluminum spacer profiles and the new Chromatech Ultra profiles are produced, which are a combination of stainless steel and plastic material.

The range of products is very broad and includes about a hundred spacer profiles available in different types of finishes and colors.

In Denmark Alu-Pro It owns Rolltech A / S which is a company specialized in the production of warm-edge spacer profiles in stainless steel and plastic material.

The warm-edge spacer profiles are having a strong development throughout Europe and also in many other countries in the world with cold temperatures.

In Denmark the following profiles are produced with 9 profiling machines:

  • Chromatech (in stainless steel)
  • Chromatech Plus (in stainless steel)
  • Flextec (stainless steel)
  • Chromatech Ultra (in stainless steel + plastic)
  • Multitech (in plastic material)

In Poland Alu-Pro is present with the Alupro Polska located in Oploe. Alupro Polska specializes in the production of aluminum spacer profiles and also sells all the warm-edge profiles of the subsidiary Rolltech.

Alupro Polska has 4 profiling machines and operates mainly in the markets of Eastern Europe, the Baltic countries and Ukraine.

In 2010 Alupro opened in Lipetsk, a town about 400 km south of Moscow, the Alupro Russia. In Lipetsk aluminum spacer profiles are produced with 5 profiling machines, the profiles are exclusively sold in the Russian territory and in the countries of Ex. Russia (Belarus - Kazakhstan - Moldova… etc… etc…).

Overall, the Alu-Pro Group achieved in 2015 an annual production of approximately 450 million meters of aluminum, steel and plastic spacers. The international presence is extremely significant with over 80% of the turnover achieved abroad. Alu-Pro products are used daily in over seventy countries around the world and on all five continents.

Alu-Pro has also formed the Glass Alliance commercial alliance together with the sister companies Fenzi and Rolltech, offering its customers all over the world an articulated distribution network and a fast and effective customer service.

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    Home Glass Industry ALU-PRO S.r.l.