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Home Wood Processing ANGELO CREMONA S.p.a.


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Home Wood Processing ANGELO CREMONA S.p.a.


Angelo Cremona, founded in Monza in 1892, was one of the first Italian companies to manufacture woodworking machinery, and achieved immediate success.

In the following years the favourable market conditions fostered the creation of other companies aiming to succeed.Each one was specialized in different types of machines.

After many years of sales and partnerships all over the world, the best north Italian companies – OLM, ITMAC, and ANGELO CREMONA – merged into one large corporation capable of offering a wide variety of equipment, ranging from peeling lathes and slicers to veneer dryers, all under one name: Angelo Cremona.

So far we have served more than 2.000 customers from all around the world: from Africa to Russia, and from Asia to America.

This small company founded over a century ago has now become a world leader and stands out in the international markets for its technology and quality. Our strength comes from more than 200 employees, spread over our 3 productive units, who every day assist our new and existing customers looking for the best equipment.

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    Home Wood Processing ANGELO CREMONA S.p.a.