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Home Glass Industry AZZIMONTI PAOLINO S.p.a.


From 1957 glasses for building and furniture.
We make external closures for buildings, with AZ® thermal/acoustic isolating glazed surfaces, also of structural kind with or without blinds/curtains inside, which are very fashionable nowadays, besides making coverings, floors, steps, shelters, “full glass” coverings also with the “High Security” solution thanks to the use of our patented systems with international brand.

The company proposes tailor-made solutions, which are studied in cooperation with our clients and mainly with engineers’ and architects’ offices.

We refer to ourselves as a “glass tailoring” in the design and realization of particular applications in the furniture for houses, bathrooms and offices.

Widely used is our patented glass/metal artifact, which is not a frame, but it offers a lot of possibilities for important full glass outputs.

The project is therefore personalized and becomes unique of its kind.

We make outputs with crystals on an extra-clear or colored plant, both monolithic and stratified, everything tailor-made as requested by the designers.

From mirrors to shelves, from tables to walls coverings, from sliding doors to hinged doors, from shower stalls personalized with decorations and/or engravings of various kinds, to those with a frame.
Your design will be so personalized that your single piece will become unique of its kind.
The production is carried out also using state-of-the-art installations.
We work on glasses of any kind and thickness.
Glass has always been considered a simple and fragile element to close; nowadays, in contrast, with requests of thermal and acoustic isolation which get more and more demanding, it is obtaining a role that is more and more important in the building sector, in furniture and in the image also thank to the use of our patents with international brands which are certified by the prestigious Institute ITC-CNR.

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    Home Glass Industry AZZIMONTI PAOLINO S.p.a.