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BIANCHI S.r.l. is a leading company for the production of CORE SHOOTING machines with the HOT-BOX system (using siliceous sands mixed with ureic or furanic resins) and COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC โ€œCUT-OFFโ€ machines for the cutting of sprues, runners, risers and flashes of casting pieces. The core shooting machines are mainly suitable for foundries and manufacturers of taps, fauctes, fittings and components for hydro-sanitary field, and manufacturer of valves and water meters.

Our core shooting machines can also produce full cores using SHELL MOLDING (pre-covered sands โ€“ Kroning) therefore they are also suitable for the manufacturer of motor and cylinder components.

The automatic one or two stations sprue cutting machines are suitable for brass, bronze and aluminium foundries.
Our over fIfty years long experience together with our specialization and care of the products allow us to manufacture machineries always tuning with the specific market requests and able to satisfy a range of customers from the small artisan companies to the greatest industries.

The testimonials from the most prestigious brands of the sector and the presence of more than 1600 Bianchiโ€™s machines in more than 60 countries are the warranty of the quality and the reliability of our company.
Our aim is customer satisfaction therefore we take great care in respecting of the delivery times, warehouse availability of spare parts and an accurate after-sales service and assistance.

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