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Home Machine Tool C.B. FERRARI A SOCIO UNICO S.r.l.


Since 1966 the constant innovation, the focus on maximum performance and the very high precision of the products, recognized and consolidated in the market for a wide range of applications, have led CBFerrari to hold a position of leadership worldwide in the construction of machining centers 5-axis precision CNC.
CBFerrari currently operates with two production plants in Italy, the second country in Europe and fourth in the world for the production of machine tools. 160 qualified and motivated employees, backed by a long tradition in the precision mechanics sector, design and manufacture all parts of the machine internally, including electro-spindles and rotary tables, guaranteeing extraordinary quality and reliability over time.
With over 4300 machines successfully installed all over the world and the help of a dense and efficient sales and service network, CBFerrari ensures its customers maximum support in production and obtaining results that represent the state of the art. in terms of accuracy and performance.

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    Home Machine Tool C.B. FERRARI A SOCIO UNICO S.r.l.