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Home Glass Industry C.M.S. S.p.a.

C.M.S. S.p.a.

CMS was born in 1969 with a very specific vocation, impressed in the strategic choices from the beginning: to build machines for the processing of materials characterized by a high technological content and a strong specialization on the customer's process needs. CMS has never been a simple supplier, but a technological partner who opens up to the knowledge of the customer's process to create the machine 'perfectly' suited to satisfy the most advanced production needs.

Remaining faithful to its vocation, CMS has, over the years, diversified its business, entering sectors dedicated to the processing of various materials such as composites, glass, stone, metal and plastic. This evolution took place both through important technological innovations and through acquisitions of premium companies in the various sectors of reference. A constant growth, strengthened by the belonging to the Scm Group which coordinates, supports and develops a system of industrial excellence with high international capillarity and high investment capacity in research and development, leaving unchanged the DNA that made CMS the technological partner of excellence .

CMS Glass Technology brings with it the technological heritage inherited from Brembana and Tecnocut, historic companies in their sectors that have fully entered the CMS world. The tradition and experience of these brands, together with the historical know-how of CMS, make the brand a leader in the sector of glass processing machines. The solutions offered are complete, technologically advanced and suitable for customers who require maximum productivity and precision.

Specifically, the offer of CMS-Brembana and Tecnocut includes:

  • CNC machining centers with 3, 4 and 5 axes
  • Vertical machining centers and vertical CNC drills
  • Complete systems for waterjet cutting
  • Bilateral flat and round edging machines
  • Benches for cutting laminated glass.

The CMS CNC machining centers with 3, 4 and 5 interpolated axes Brembana Speed โ€‹โ€‹13, Brembana Speed โ€‹โ€‹and Brembana Maxima allow the processing of thin and thick flat glass sheets and curved glass. They can perform edge grinding and polishing, filleting, milling, cutting with disc, drilling, contouring, engraving, writing, chamfering with variable angle and special processes.
The CMS machining centers can be supplied with a structure with separate shoulders in concrete or metal carpentry with a Z axis from 600 mm up to 2000 mm to perform exclusive processes such as safety glass and special armored glass. Also available in the Twin version with double work surface

The Brembana Profile CNC vertical modular machining center, based on the chosen configuration, performs filleting, grinding, milling and coaxial drilling operations. Available in different sizes, it allows you to process small and large slabs up to a maximum of 7500 ร— 3300 mm (other maximum sizes can be processed on request).
The Brembana Vertec NC vertical drill instead allows drilling, countersinking, milling and making notches on molitic, laminated and low-emissivity glass (low-e).
Vertical CMS machines can be used as stand-alone machines or in production lines.

Brembana Easyline, Brembana Aquatec, Brembana Idroline S and Brembana Milestone S, are hydro-abrasive waterjet cutting systems with 3 or 5 axes for straight and shape cutting of monolithic, laminated and armored glass sheets up to 250 mm.
They are completed by high pressure intensifiers from 30 to 120 HP, 4139 or 6200 bar, with parallel or fully electric hydraulic cylinders.

CMS produces double-sided flat edge (Brembana Futura T) and round edge (Brembana Futura P) edging machines that allow grinding and polishing of glass sheets to obtain maximum productivity and processing quality.

The CMS Brembana Agil, Brembana Runner cutting tables are characterized by 2 or 3 interpolated axes, for the processing of straight and shaped flat glass sheets with thicknesses from 2 to 25 mm. The Brembana Runner Line version, on the other hand, is characterized by a fixed table with glass transport belts with 3 interpolated axes for the straight and shaped cutting of flat glass sheets with thicknesses from 3 to 19 mm, normally in line with the loader and breakout bench. .

Thanks to its consolidated leadership in the design and construction of glass processing systems, CMS Brembana Glass Technology makes technical and operational experience available to the customer, becoming a real partner and ensuring concrete and measurable benefits with solutions based on innovation, reliability and productivity.

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