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Home Wood Processing CASSIOLI S.r.l.


CASSIOLI is an internationally active group in the supply of plant solutions for industrial handling and automation. The specialization in the field of intralogistics has made our company a reality well known by large multinationals operating in various commercial sectors which, for more than forty years, have had commercial relations with our Group, with the aim of improving the efficiency of its production and distribution systems.

Over time, our company has also expanded beyond national borders, with new production sites and partners spread all over the world. Cassioli is currently divided into 4 divisions: Intralogistics Division; Manufacturing Division; Airport Division; Tire Division.

Whenever it is necessary to transport or manipulate the finished product, the semi-finished product, the kit of components or the raw material in a more or less automatic way, CASSIOLI is able to present the most suitable transport or storage system as regards operational capacity, cost, safety and ergonomics.

Automatic warehouses, assembly and interlocking lines, testing systems, automatic vehicles with laser or inductive guidance (AGV - LGV), RGV self-propelled trolleys, picking systems and robotic islands with vision systems, but also handling systems equipped with conveyors roller, chain, roller shutter, belt and carpet. The possibility of being able to count on its own production which is so extensive, but at the same time specialized, allows CASSIOLI to offer the customer the most effective solution based on his specific needs.

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    Home Wood Processing CASSIOLI S.r.l.