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VIA VARESE, 19 – 20045, LAINATE (MI)

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Founded by Giovanni Cavenaghi in 1959 to support foundries with products and processes which have often turned out to be revolutionary, today Cavenaghi, with its plant in Lainate, offers chemical foundry products which are considered a benchmark for quality and reliability:
no-bake systems, heat-curing systems, gas-curing systems and coatings for cores and moulds.

Organised to respond with flexibility and speed to the needs and demands of the international market, the Cavenaghi production plant includes nine resin reactors and five organic acid and acetic ester reactors, all managed by a high-level computerised control system to optimise the qualitative consistency of its products.

A total and integrated management system has been adopted by Cavenaghi in order to satisfy the three following aspects: Quality, Safety and Environment. The Quality Management System has complied with the ISO 9001 Norm since 1995; the Safety Management System complies with the EC rule no. 96/82 and the Italian Rule dated 9th August 2000 โ€œGuidelines for the implementation of the Safety Managament Systemโ€.

This involves not only safety aspects, but also health preservation and protection of the environment for both the Cavenaghi manufacturing plant and the surrounding area. The Environmental Management System fulfils the requirements of the Standard ISO 14001.

This ecological vocation allows Cavenaghi to be naturally involved in the search for solutions to customersโ€™ environmental problems, enabling it to offer the most appropriate and environmentally-friendly products.

As an example of the possibility to get excellent results from a intentionally controlled dimension, Cavenaghi is one of the most expressive entities of the foundry suppliers: a Company in the position to link its story with the evolution of foundry technologies.

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