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The characteristics distinguishing our products are favourable operating cost, high productivity and long-term accuracy of these machines.
Proof ofthe above is to be found in more thanย 5.000 companiesย which have choosen our products.

Furthermore our techno-commercial organization ensures continuous and constant up-dating of our machines while it assures our customers ofย prompt technical service

Our production of automatic multi-rip saws is highlyย flexible as it offers some 30 different models.

Our experience put at the service of technology, placeย CML ENGINEERING Srlย in the position of world leadership in the production of wood cutting machines and plants. optimization systems with laser and / or with the scanner. The characteristics that distinguish our products Made in Italy is in the care and control reaching the highest levels. The guarantee of this is represented by overย 5.000 companiesย who have chosen our products.

โ€œThe used without his pastโ€ is a slogan that marries the guarantee of our reconditioned machinery.

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