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Home Machine Tool COMAT S.r.l.

COMAT S.r.l.

Founded in 1987, COMAT is an engineering engineering company specializing in systems and technologies for the management of fluids used in metalworking in the machine tool sector.

Thanks to the unique know-how developed in this sector, starting from a detailed analysis of the customer's needs,ย Comat designs, manufactures and sells Superfiltration Systems that guarantee filtration quality at โ‰ค 3 ฮผmย throughout the work cycle, maximizing production quality, minimizing life cycle costs and maintaining maximum consistency.

Our systems can be highly customizedย to meet the specific needs of the customer, favoring the maximum efficiency of the filtration process.

The Tele-control of the filtration performanceย allows us to offer you an effective and effective after-sales service.

Today, more thanย 20.000 machine toolsย worldwide use our technology, with over 20.000.000 liters of superfiltered cutting oil every day.

Comat has a certified quality control systemย ISO 9001ย (download theย certifiedย andย company policy).

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    Home Machine Tool COMAT S.r.l.