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PLANTS for rubber, plastic and non-woven industry

Comerio Ercoleโ€™s activity started in 1885 on artisanal basis and then developed mainly in the manufacturing of machines and plants for of rubber and plastic processing, machines and plants for the nonwoven industry and special application.

In 1885 Ercole Comerio a young technician working in a company producing steam boilers and his wife Teresa Marcora founded the company Comerio Ercole in Busto Arsizio. Considering the numerous mills that existed in the city the newly formed company concentrated on the maintenance of textile machines. From its beginnings as a small private company it quickly transformed to become a limited company in 1922.

The following are the major mile stones of Comerio Ercole as a company:

In 1894 the first cylinder blender was produced, the first internal blender in 1900 and the first press for the manufacture of rubber was built in 1919.
The companyโ€™s activities up to 1936 comprised of: machines for the textile, rubber and paper industries.
Areas of activity up to 1990 included: special machines for the textile industry, for natural and synthetic rubber, for plastic materials, machines for the finishing industry and embroidery on fabric. In 1946 the first plant for the pressing of plastic was planned and built, while in 1973 the first high speed press for thermo bonding of non-woven fabric was manufactured.
Areas of activity from 1990 to the present day include: predominantly machines and plant for rubber and plastic materials plus machines and plant for the industries of non-woven fabric and special applications.
In 1999 the Comerc Engineering Srl company was established to manage all engineering services projects which are developed by a qualified group of planners and plant technicians. In 2008 an industrial partnership agreement was established with Comerc International srl.
In 2007 the company CKA GmbH was set up,a joint venture with a European partner for the plastic materials sector, a company which is fully under the control of Comerio Ercole.
In 2015 the innovative start up Com-UP was created. Com-UP is the result of an R&D project by Comerio Ercole especially dedicated to the recycling of post-consumer materials.
In 2016 a new high tech department specifically tasked to look at new product development linked to INDUSTRY 4.0 was established. This formalized a department which had existed for some time in Comerio Ercole.
Clients in the last ten years include the best and biggest industries in the world in the above mentioned sectors with more than 90% of the production being exported.

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