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Home Plastic & Rubber COREMA INTERNATIONAL S.r.l.


The company was founded in 1950: Corema exploits the experience of the Mariotti brothers who transform the paternal company, a purely family business, into a S.p.A. In a few years the company consolidated its leadership position in the Italian market and began to operate abroad as well.

Today the customer finds in Corema a partner that satisfies the most varied requests in the field of industrial process thermoregulation thanks to the complete range of products supplied, also in explosion-proof execution.

Although born over 60 years ago, COREMA spa is today a company that has considerably renewed its organizational structures that have optimized the provenance from a family business and modern managerial management.

Equipped with a highly professional staff, we are able to ensure complete customer service for the solution of any design and manufacturing problem of cooling and thermoregulation systems for industrial processes.

The experiences have matured in various industrial processes, such as:

  • transformation of plastics
  • mechanical machining for chip removal and laser
  • foundries and die casting
  • petrochemical industries
  • printing machines
  • synthetic yarns
  • chemical and pharmaceutical
  • ceramic
  • processes for food
  • detergents

Customer service is the primary objective of COREMA which integrates activities and services, such as after-sales assistance, into the concept of "product". In other words, we have created "service management" as a total organizational approach that makes the quality of the service, as perceived by the customer, the underlying driving force in the management of the company.

This mission is carried out on a global scale by ensuring customer service, as we have summarized it, in any country.

The enthusiasm and commitment of COREMA men are ready to offer you the most optimal and innovative solution.

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    Home Plastic & Rubber COREMA INTERNATIONAL S.r.l.