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Home Plastic & Rubber DOTECO S.p.a.


Since 1994 Doteco S.p.a has been operating successfully in the plastics processing industry, especially in the extrusion of plastic film, sheet, profile and synthetic fibers, through daily contact with our customers and their requirements, we are able to understand and predict the technological evolution of transformation processes and to develop automation solutions that are increasingly in line with market expectations. Doteco has thus earned an avant-garde position in the production of gravimetric blenders, yield control, auto profile control and complete supervisory system.

Our team offers experience with a combination of flexibility and talent for rapid updating which is fundamental to keeping abreast of the relentless technological evolution in our sector. This is another reason why DOTECO has been chosen as a partner by worldwide leading OEMโ€™s.

Our wish to offer original practical and reliable products at good prices has directed our efforts towards an ambitious objective: to do our job WITH PASSION in the best possible way.

Doteco products are delivered to the customer after factory inspection, ready for installation. Each item undergoes careful quality control, starting with rigorous supplier evaluation for component purchase or the construction of parts from drawings. Our main competitive levers are an excellent quality/price ratio that speeds return on investment and a highly efficient after-sales technical service for customers all over the world.

Since October 2020, Doteco is part of Piovan Group.ย The synergy obtained by combining the respective know-how, will boost Dotecoโ€™s leadership in the dosing and extrusion control system segment.

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