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Home Industrial Automation ELETTROPIEMME S.r.l. unipersonale

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Home Industrial Automation ELETTROPIEMME S.r.l. unipersonale

ELETTROPIEMME S.r.l. unipersonale

Global consulting, innovative technologies, high performance systems.
ELETTROPIEMME products and services in the field of ELECTRICITY combine efficiency and savings, increasing the productivity of industrial plants with the lowest environmental impact.
• Qualified personnel able to satisfy the most varied requests.
• Consolidated experience in design, industrialization and realization, also for customized solutions.
• Continuous research, constant updating of skills, use of the best components.
• After-sales service that guarantees operational continuity of the plants and the necessary support to ensure maximum efficiency over time.
Elettropiemme is today one of the most dynamic and qualified operators in the sector.
Established in 1964, Elettropiemme today boasts a vast and consolidated experience in the design and supply of automation panels, machine board systems and industrial systems in general, even with missions abroad.
Elettropiemme has been involved since 2003 in the creation of solutions and services for energy efficiency, with particular attention to the sectors:
- Lighting technology: Elettropiemme intervenes in the lighting systems of the industrial production departments in the form of a technological upgrade with the aim of achieving a considerable improvement in consumption and therefore in corporate energy efficiency.
- Photovoltaic: ELETTROPIEMME (ENSUN) to date has installed over 600 photovoltaic systems. Within the company, excellent design and construction skills have been developed, as well as a deep knowledge of the problems relating to the bureaucratic process and the legislation in force on the subject. - Thermal plants: Elettropiemme proposes the combination of photovoltaic and heat pump.
- Solutions and services in cogeneration / micro cogeneration.

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    Home Industrial Automation ELETTROPIEMME S.r.l. unipersonale