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Enercon has operated for over 40 years in the air pollutants suction and filtration sector and in the hydraulic and industrial plant engineering sector. This solid experience has allowed the enrichment of technical and technological knowledge, building a company structure at highest levels of professionalism.

Throughout its history, Enercon has committed great energy to the study and development of air purification systems polluted by foreign agents such as dust, fumes and oil mists. The applications involve various industrial sectors and different materials, with particular attention to the fields of die-casting, molding, and mechanical processing of non-ferrous metals (aluminum, magnesium, bronze, brass, zinc). Later, thanks to the experience and sensitivities accumulated, Enercon also dedicated itself to different special applications based on its initiatives or to meet specific customer needs.

In the wide range of Enercon products, there is โ€œSaniboxโ€, an air sanitation system installed on any filter system with recirculation in the environment and any conditioning systems that eliminated viruses, bacteria, moulds and reduces odours in the work environment with a lot of health benefits for people.

Enercon is a point of reference for customers, to whom it offers a turnkey supply formula.

Moreover, Enercon SRL has obtained the Quality System Certification according to the international Standard UNI EN ISO 9001and the Certification according to the standard for the execution of steel and Aluminium structures EN 1090.

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