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FOMET S.r.l.

FOMET is one of the worldwide leaders in the field of induction melting furnaces and leading specialist in systems for automatic pouring.
FOMET, thanks to its 55 yearsโ€™ experience, are leaders in the field of planning and production of induction furnaces for the most varied applications in ferrous and not ferrous metals.
FOMETโ€™S technicians support customers through planning, manufacture, installation and start-up, supplying all of the functions necessary for the smooth hand over of the system.
FOMET installations are now more efficient and economical than ever. Thanks to the dedicated studies and designs of the refractory lining, of our own manufacture, and equipping the furnaces with the most advanced control process systems, FOMET has achieved significant savings of electrical energy consumption and reduced thermal losses to the minimum.
The efficiency and reliability of our furnaces is backed up by a fast and direct technical support service, able to satisfy the entire customerโ€™s maintenance demands and spare parts requirements. These services render FOMET a true PARTNER and extent peace of mind to our many clients.

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