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FRIEM S.p.a.

With continuous investments in the research and development sector, FRIEM is a leader in new technologies applied to high power converters, such as Diode, Thyristor or IGBT, using the most advanced electronics and digital regulation.
Founded in 1950 to design and build high power current converters, FRIEM has developed its experience in energy conversion for Industrial, Railway and Renewable Energy applications.
The continuity of service and the high level of quality required by the applications of the electrochemical industry, led FRIEM to seek the absolute reliability of its products.
Knowledge combined with experience were also applied in the early 70s in the production of rectifiers for railway applications. Together with the other companies of the Group, today FRIEM supplies the complete substation.
In 1984 FRIEM designed and built the first converter for a CVD reactor for silicon production, currently counting hundreds of units installed all over the world.
In 2009 FRIEM began production of the RECon Line, a complete line of inverters for renewable energy, becoming one of the largest manufacturers in the world with a direct presence in over 30 countries. The RECon line includes string inverters, central inverters, complete station inverters, string boxes and all the accessories needed for PV systems from 2,5kW up to multi-MW.

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