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GLASS SERVICE Srl collected, in 1994, the inheritance of a well-known mechanical workshop (Il Puntone), specialized in the supply of combustion systems (both gas and oil), special burners for any type of melting furnace, metal recovery units and cars.

The goal of the new born company, whose management has been joined by experts in electronics and in the design of furnaces and control systems, is to respond to the growing demand for high technology in the design of furnaces, channels and doffing bays, for small and medium glassworks.

The market has fully responded to our expectations, and today GLASS SERVICE is well known as a supplier of engineering and plants for the production of sodium calcium glass for various production, high quality glass such as lead crystal, headlights and lighting and frit for the ceramic industry.

This growing success has led some of our most important customers to sign know-how agreements to also supply complete systems, when required, with the possibility of taking advantage of technical assistance from expert glassmakers, and of training directly in the facilities of who offers know-how.

The recent agreement between GLASS SERVICE and a group of highly qualified technicians and experts in the glazier field, allows today to provide also consultancy "in the field" for the study of compositions and for the improvement of production quality, as well as the study to reduce the costs of the mixtures used and the heat balance of the ovens, both during the design phases of the oven and during the operation of the oven, in real time.

The growing demand to minimize the polluting emissions of ovens finds a positive response in GLASS SERVICE, and we are already highly specialized in primary means for pollution control, such as Low Nox burners, and particular solutions in the design of ovens.

Finally, we have acquired a mathematical modeling system of the ovens, a valid support in the design of the new ovens.
The range of GLASS SERVICE products is the widest that can be found on the market. The company is divided into two main departments:


  • automatic and semi-automatic composition systems, and systems for recycling glass scrap
  • day tank and crucible furnaces
  • continuous furnaces, both recovery and regenerative
  • boosting systems
  • conditioning channels and coloring channels
  • baking machines
  • heat recovery units for daily and continuous ovens
  • glass level control machines with or without electronic control
  • stirrer machines
  • combustion systems for any type of fuel (oil, LPG, methane) and inversion plants
  • burners for any type of fuel, oil and gas
  • special machines for the glass industry


  • 4-axis and 6-axis lever-glass robot
  • handling robot
  • robot blower
  • robot polisher
  • accessories for robots (spheres, automatic cutting systems ...)

GLASS SERVICE provides installation of systems either directly with its own staff, or under its own supervision with staff provided by the customer, as well as starting up of ovens and auxiliary systems. GLASS SERVICE also offers a complete after-sales service for every product on a worldwide scale, including hot repairs and replacement of electrode holders.

All systems designed and built by GLASS SERVICE meet four basic principles:

  • maximum energy savings
  • the highest production flexibility
  • ease of use
  • quality of the final product at the highest levels required by the market.

The ball robots produced by GLASS SERVICE respond to the increasingly widespread need to automate the glass and crystal extraction process. GLASS SERVICE robots are the best sellers in many European and non-European countries, thanks to their reliability, ease of programming, high flexibility and low price.

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