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Home Renewable Energy GREEN METHANE S.r.l.


Green Methane (GM) was founded in 2013 and is active in the energy transition and circular economy by transforming agricultural and urban waste (OFMSW) into energy.
GM is on the market for the design, construction, start-up, maintenance and, when required, operation of plants for the transformation of biogas into biomethane.
CO2ย is separated from biogas produced from waste to obtain pure biomethane that meets the requirements for the feeding into the Snam network.
CO2ย adsorption in a potassium carbonate solution (HPC) is a proven technique with hundreds of implementations worldwide; it is reliable and efficient and guarantees biomethane production levels in line with investorsโ€™ expectations.
HPC technology is also extendable to CO2ย capture, storage and utilization projects in other industries.
Green Methane is part of the Rosetti Marino Group of Ravenna, the majority shareholder, and is owned by Marchi Energia srl, Chimica ed Energie Rinnovabili and Giammarco Vetrocoke Engineering srl, inventor and owner of the technology.
Technologies, renewable energies, international presence and management of complex energy projects form a perfect combination in Green Methane.

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