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We have been designing artificial vision systems dedicated to product quality control and production line management for over 20 years. Modern diecasting products require specific, objectified and documented quality controls which are also useful for any blockchain certifications. For this reason Imago in recent years has specialized in the creation of devices that allow to trace all the production and interact in real time with the machines in every single phase, in order to guarantee a global improvement in quality.

Imago has created three machines, Mhira 3D, Anglerfish and Magpie, to be inserted and interfaced in the diecasting island, to check each individual piece after the casting, trimming and machining phases.

Upon extraction of the piece from the press, Mhira 3D checks its integrity and, through a thermographic mapping, it significantly contributes to raising the technological level of the press by minimizing the number of initial rejects in the start-up phase and automatically interacting with the thermoregulation and lubrication system. After the trimming phase, Anglerfish checks the deformations and breakages by inspecting the flatness and regularity of the cut surfaces. Finally, Magpie identifies the porosities, the breaking of the edges and the residue of non-compliant burrs that may emerge after the machining. Magpie also carries out a total control at the end of the line that allows the customer to supply only compliant pieces.

The production and the results of the carried out analyzes are fully tracked and accessible, at any time, through automatic reporting systems according to all the standards required by Industry 4.0.

Imago’s main partners are manufacturers of machines, plants, production lines and automation, in particular in the fields of die casting, packaging and wire drawing.


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