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Home Power Transmission INGRANAGGI MOREALI MARIO S.p.a.


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Home Power Transmission INGRANAGGI MOREALI MARIO S.p.a.


Itโ€™s a dynamic and determined company which manufactures precision gears since 1950. Its work has always been inspired by principles shared between the different departments: lightness, quickness, exactitude, visibility, multiplicity and consistency are the "keywords" that lay a solid foundation for setting up a constructive dialogue with Customers, suppliers and professionals engaged in every single manufacturing process.

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    Home Power Transmission INGRANAGGI MOREALI MARIO S.p.a.

    Power transmission through hydraulic pumps and motors in industrial machinery

    One of the main applications of the Moreali gears are in the electromobility sector.  Hydraulic pumps and motors are crucial components in hydraulic systems that...

    Ingranaggi Moreali and the Industriamoci project 2022!

    As in 2021, Ingranaggi Moreali participated in the Industriamoci 2022 project! The project, active since 2010, aims to spread the knowledge of the productive reality...

    Ingranaggi Morealiโ€™s applications and industries

    Morealiโ€™s gears are completely customizable, making them perfect for any application.  Moreali renews its entrepreneurial skills every day by listening to and interpreting customer needs,...

    The main components of a wind turbine

    Invented at the end of the nineteenth century, when we talk about a wind generator we refer to a machine built to transform the...

    Ingranaggi Morealiโ€™s vision: safety at the centre

    Safety is a very important and, at the same time, neglected issue.  For Moreali, it has always been fundamental to guarantee the safety of its...

    Moreali in search of perfection: customization and self-correcting machinery

    For over 70 years, Ingranaggi Moreali has been shaping its customers' projects starting from their specific needs and thus creating high quality gears that...

    Discover the bevel gears with spiral teeth of Ingranaggi Moreali!

    The bevel gears with spiral teeth are one of the leading products of the Moreali Ingranaggi range. The products can be perfectly adapted to the...

    The commitment of Ingranaggi Moreali for the protection of the environment

    Nature plays a fundamental role in the health and well-being of individuals. To protect the environment, the European Union has undertaken to prevent all...