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Home Plastic & Rubber L. LUNARDON S.r.l.


Founded in 1972 with the purpose of designing and manufacturing winding machines capable of optimising plastic materials winding, thus increasing production, the company immediately achieved a large customer base, both in Italy and abroad, and started mass production. Upgrades, machine inventory automation, constant market assessment, along with the most advanced solutions to meet individual Customers Needs, have strengthened the company's position over time, placing it among the leading firms in the marketplace.

LUNARDON's philosophy is one of RESOLUTIVE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS. Which implies keeping up with the times, being spurred along by an innate tendency to evolve and represent a point of reference for diversified production adventures.

Indeed, our high-end standard winders are increasingly being complemented by ongoing design and manufacturing of special machines as to size, applications, contexts and results, i.e., small and large winders for use in the medical, automotive, oil-hydraulic, construction, telecommunications, waterworks, gas pipelines, irrigation and such other industry sectors.

BUILDING SPECIAL WINDERS means thinking in terms of precise and targeted functionality.

LUNARDON is moving with the times, ideas and needs set out by the many areas in which winders must perform their service, making considered choices as to quality, technical efficiency, functionality, durability and resistance.

As to materials and components, priority is always given to high-quality primary brands, easily available throughout the world.

We further focus on designing and manufacturing easy-to-use machines requiring only minor routine maintenance, that can be comfortably carried out by Customers following the instructions contained in the technical manual. In the event of highly complex machines, or on request, however, LUNARDON will provide technical assistance.

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