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Home Renewable Energy MAGALDI POWER S.p.a.

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Home Renewable Energy MAGALDI POWER S.p.a.


Founded in 1929, Magaldi Power is a world leader in the production of metal conveyor belts for handling loose and abrasive materials, at extremely high temperatures or in difficult process conditions, which find application in thermoelectric power plants fueled by solid fuel (coal, lignite, biomass, waste-to-energy plants, etc.), foundries, steel mills, metallurgical plants and cement plants.
Headquartered in Italy, Magaldi owns subsidiaries in the United States (Magaldi Technologies LLC), Australia (Magaldi Power Pty Ltd), India (Magaldi Power India Pvt Ltd) and Germany (Magaldi Power GmbH) and supplies key projects worldwide. in hand.
Magaldi Green Energy, a start-up focused on the research, development and marketing of renewable energy generation and storage technologies, and Magaldi Green Energy Middle East in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, were born from the experience of Magaldi Power.
With over 1,200 references all over the world, Magaldi's patented flagship products are:
MGTES - Magaldi Green Thermal Energy Storage: is a thermal energy storage system able to acquire energy produced by a solar or wind power plant, store it and release it on demand for an interval between 4 and 10 hours (Long Duration Energy Storage) .
STEM-CSP (Solar Thermo-Electric Magaldi - Concentrated Solar Power), which conserves and produces renewable energy starting from solar radiation. This system is capable of storing and supplying high temperature electrical and thermal energy on demand.
STEM CST (Solar Thermo-Electric Magaldi -Thermal Energy Storage) which uses sunlight to generate heat, "Green Heat \".
MAGALDI ECOBELT: is a mechanical transport system capable of handling high temperature materials with aggressive chemical agents and heavy or sharp products, in difficult process conditions, ensuring safe and environmentally friendly operation.

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    Home Renewable Energy MAGALDI POWER S.p.a.