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MAZZOTTI S.r.l. socio unico

Mazzotti built its first self-propelled machine in 1987 and in just a few years became the market leader in Italy with an 85% share of the national market.

During the course of the last decade, the increase in demand for food and the resulting need for precision agriculture drove Mazzotti to develop products specifically for new markets, targeting 80% of its production on exports.

Today and tomorrow

The Mazzotti company can boast of more than 70 years experience in the construction of self-propelled vehicles for agricultural use. A company was founded by the Mazzotti family, entrepreneurs, but also farmers with a strong bond to the land. A story made up of many innovative and avant-garde models in a continuous evolution, which only those who master knowledge and passion can create. We are specialists in self-propelled sprayers with the highest range and the ability to provide the most suitable machine for any crop and need. Since 2017 the Mazzotti company has been taken over entirely by John Deere; the world leader with whom Mazzotti shares values ​​such as integrity, quality and innovation.

Mazzotti means evolving technology.

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    Home AgriTech MAZZOTTI S.r.l. socio unico