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Home Foundry and Metalworking MECCANICA PI.ERRE S.r.l.


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Home Foundry and Metalworking MECCANICA PI.ERRE S.r.l.


MECCANICA PI.ERRE the main Italian specialist, and a World leader, in technology for trimming and finishing of casts and high-pressure die-castings, is able to provide completes the trimming and finishing of all types and sizes of casts.

MECCANICA PI.ERRE has a staff over then 70 employees and a production capacity of 14,000 hours/month. Our plant covers an area of over 13.000 m2 of which 7,000 under roof.

MECCANICA PI.ERRE offers its customers a 35 years experience, supported by design and production technologies, constantly updated, in a company organization with a Quality.

Our customers include the principal Italian and foreign foundries, among those some car-makers and OEM foundries, who rely on MECCANICA PI.ERRE for a complete service.

MECCANICA PI.ERRE with the achievement of its 30ยฐ year of activity has significantly redesigned its company processes, with new important investments in productive and human resources.

This anniversary has also coincided with the strategic acquisition of the new asset ROBOPRES, strengthening the position of MECCANICA PI.ERRE in trim pressesโ€™ field, extendin by a specific standardization and a consequent prices reduction.

MECCANICA PI.ERRE has recently planned important R&D projects, regarding its own products and processes

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    Home Foundry and Metalworking MECCANICA PI.ERRE S.r.l.