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Thereโ€™s only one way to achieve a great success, to have the strength to always act for the benefit of our colleagues, our suppliers, our customers, and the environment around us. Be aware, even in hard times, that our impact will be determinated by how many people we will serve and how well we will do it!

We want to be the best vertical rotor technology specialist for soil management. We want to have the widest range of power harrows in the world, the largest number of combinations and customized solutions, the best quality-price-performance ratio. Start with why and how will come.

The company today, is the result of 110 years hard work and commitment of four generations of people who have become entrepreneurs by blacksmiths, creating a solid industrial reality.

Moreni S.r.l. is a company that has made a strong development and bases its actions and performances business wise on human values. These principles are the strengths perceived and accepted by all our stakeholders that in sharing them, are linking their job to Moreni brand.

Power harrows - Inter-row power harrows - Modular soil working machines - Rollers - Modular sowing machines

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