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The company was founded in the first post-war period, but only with the settlement in 1979 in the current headquarters of Villa Guardia a real production activity begins which soon specializes in the construction of dedicated equipment for clamping the pieces.

Moretti, thanks to technology, quality and the branched commercial network, already becomes in the 80 years an important name on the market, participating in all the major trade fairs in the sector: a presence that continues today and that has contributed to making known the name Moretti all over the world.

Towards the end of the 90s, acknowledging the demands of the market, the company embarks on a new challenge. More and more customers show the need to quickly clamp aluminum plates and other non-magnetic materials with the same methods of use of normal magnetic plates: the answer to this problem is the birth of vacuum fixing system, a new clamping method created by creating a vacuum.

The application arouses considerable interest and the subsequent refinement carried out by the company allows it to be placed in the most disparate applications: from machining on titanium to plastic materials, from ceramics to graphite.

With the arrival of the new century Moretti proposes the revolutionary among the first in the world Granisint: a special material which, maintaining the same mechanical characteristics, weighs one third of cast iron and steel.

In the last few years Moretti continued its research to ensure the best possible clamping by combining its systems with increasingly versatile and innovative locking elements.

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