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Looking back, New Omap was established even earlier than 1972. More precisely, it was when Adriano Brusamolin recognises the enormous potential of a developing sector – one he had firsthand experience in: the processing of plastics.
Since then, we’ve always considered our work to be a fascinating challenge – one that always encourages us give of our best. Starting from our very first single-phase hopper loader, we’ve gradually designed and developed increasingly innovative and above all functional products which deliver reliable efficiency and stand the test of time. Even today, our first New Omap machines are still going strong in the factories of our very first clients.
Since 1993, we’ve been running New Omap: we’re the second generation of the Brusamolin and Penello families, and we’re committed to making our machines perform even better and ensuring our company is your reliable and expert partner.
A recent example of our constant growth is the success of Nebula – our remote machine control system. And it’s this growth, coupled with our distribution network, new technologies, the attention we dedicate to each and every client, and the strength of our after-sales service, that has led to us becoming a business of recognized value in over 40 countries around the world.

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