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OMMI S.r.l.

OMMI SPA, founded in 1963, has been a world leader for over 40 years in the design, production and commissioning of fiber mixing plants for any type of textile production.

Exporting up to 80% of its turnover, OMMI plants are present in almost all countries of the world, and each of them constitutes a unique work, designed and built according to the customer's needs.

Since its origins, OMMI has been managed by the founders, and, while remaining at the top, in the last decade the new generation has taken over, bringing modern systems and new technologies from conception and design to the construction of new machines and systems.

Expert technical and commercial collaborators with matured experience in the sector and equipped with the most up-to-date systems of assisted design, both mechanical and electronic, and integrated into the global communication network, complete the company staff of OMMI.

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