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ORIZZONTI is a company specialized in the design and construction of agricultural machinery and equipment for vineyards and orchards.

In 40 years he has acquired a great deal of experience in viticulture and fruit growing for the various vineyard systems in casarsa, spurred cordon, guyot, simple curtain, overturned and G.D.C. Its strength in these sectors is given by the commercial, production and distribution organization and by the wide range of machinery for working the inter-row soil capable of satisfying every type of work. The use of high quality raw materials is the winning weapon that positions ORIZZONTI s.r.l. among the leading Italian manufacturers.

ORIZZONTI is the ideal answer for everything concerning vineyard equipment and machinery generally used in the care of the rows and the inter-row land of vineyards and orchards with an extreme flexibility in always designing and implementing new solutions that the market requires.

Precise and defined production and testing cycles, specific technical training of the managers, continuous technological research are some of the ingredients that, within an efficient and current know-how, allow to keep HORIZONTI technologies in step with evolution industry technique.

ORIZZONTI has an internal design studio, our machines are designed to be reliable, fast and to best perform the task for which they are purchased, so we take care that it is always possible to intervene on the original project to improve performance and reliability. Our machines for working the soil and for pruning the canopy of vineyards and orchards are always subjected to strict efficiency controls in the field, our company annually participates in various field trials in various Italian regions to demonstrate to all winemakers the quality and robustness of our vineyard equipment.

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