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Home Industrial Automation PANASONIC INDUSTRY ITALIA S.r.l.


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Home Industrial Automation PANASONIC INDUSTRY ITALIA S.r.l.


Panasonic Industry Italia is the sales branch of Panasonic Electric Works Europe, one of the European offices of the AIS (Automotive & Industrial Systems) division of Panasonic Corporation. The company deals with the marketing in Italy of systems and components for industrial automation (PLC, HMI, Motion Control, Sensors, Laser Markers, limit switches, timers, relays and microswitches).
It stands out for the high quality of its products and for the widespread presence on the territory, guaranteed both by commercial personnel and by specialized technicians dedicated to supporting and assisting customers with technical-application consultancy and design.
The advanced Panasonic technology allows a high integration of functions, which translates into compactness and high performance of the products, while the consolidated over thirty years of expertise favors the application of Panasonic high technology making the most of its added value.
Panasonic Corporation is sensitive and actively committed to the issue of compatible development, from which the Panasonic Eco Ideas concept derives, with the aim of becoming by 2018, the centenary year of the foundation, the first company in the world in the Electronics Industry for โ€œGreen Innovation ".
In the 2013 โ€œSustainability Declarationโ€ Panasonic Europe placed the target of an eco-sustainable company at the basis of all the group's activities, associating the Panasonic brand with the new objective of โ€œa better life, a better worldโ€. Aware of the environmental impact of its products and activities, it aims to achieve specific objectives by March 2016, in compliance with the energy objectives of the 20-20-20 strategy, reducing the consumption of natural resources, the elimination of chemicals and hazardous waste , and developing eco-sustainable products and services.
Panasonic has been ISO 9001 certified for many years, further guaranteeing the quality of its products and services.

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    Home Industrial Automation PANASONIC INDUSTRY ITALIA S.r.l.