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Paolino Bacci was Founded in 1918 is one of the most traditional Italian manufacturers of woodworking machines.

After an initial period in which production was concentrated on conventional machines, in the early 50s the company began to specialize in the production of machines for chairs and, more generally, for the solid wood processing. In fact, in the same years a production center of the chair of enormous importance began to develop in Italy also at an international level.

Since then, thanks to a constant comparison with the most important manufacturers in the sector, trying to anticipate their technical needs, Paolino Bacci has continuously introduced on the market various types of machines always characterized by very advanced innovative contents with very high performance and reliability.

The company's innovative capacity is confirmed by the significant number of international patents of which it owns and from a wide range of machines and solutions that are constantly evolving while the reliability is testified by the many Bacci machines always in use without problems after many years of purchase, as well as by the high value that the Bacci machines keep on the second-hand market.

This, combined with a punctual and efficient after-sales service, has meant that Paolino Bacci has acquired, in the world, a prestigious image as a manufacturer of high quality machines, becoming a point of reference.

More recently the company has developed a complete line of NC machining centers with 5 and more interpolated axes, all equipped with cutting-edge technical solutions and operating software. This new line of machines has very wide fields of application, being not only aimed at the processing of chairs, tables and furniture elements in general, but also components in plastic, aluminum and composite materials. The wide range of Bacci machining centers and the company's willingness to customize and study specific applications meet the needs of any user.

Attention to the technical needs of the individual customer, combined with the great experience in construction and the quality that has always characterized Bacci production, are the best guarantees for our customers' investments.

We have been building great machines for over 100 years!

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