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Home Packaging Industry PILZ ITALIA S.r.l.


Founded in 1993 as a commercial branch of Pilz GmbH & Co., Pilz Italia has specialized in the supply of highly innovative automation components and systems with the aim of industrial safety in mind.
The osmosis between products and systems (which have become de facto standard) and consultancy services (aimed at the world of companies and institutions) make Pilz capable of creating value and disseminating values, continuously in contact with industrial reality. of its customers.
The structure of Pilz Italia, following the model of the organization of the parent company, encourages open-mindedness and the individual growth of each of its employees.
The technological reference trend on which Pilz is focusing today is the development of control solutions to safely automate machines and systems, through the development of scalable hardware and software platforms according to the different application needs, always bearing in mind that the choice of technologies must be guided by criteria such as ease of use, flexibility, portability, but above all preventive self-diagnosis and self-adaptation.

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    Home Packaging Industry PILZ ITALIA S.r.l.