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Company Profile

Prometheus was born in Milan in 1981 as a software house specialized in the implementation of mission-critical projects for real-time industrial control applications. In this market it has successfully completed more than 200 projects of considerable importance in various application areas (MES, Supervision, Remote Control, Telemetry, Test Systems, Building Automation, Regulation, Motion Control, Robotics, HVAC, Home Automation, etc.)

Start working in 1993 the marketing and support of Soft Logic platforms and subsequently, in 2004, of SCADA platforms. From 2006, given the increase in competitive pressure on the turnkey software design market, it streamlines its structure, dedicating itself exclusively to the distribution of platforms and related customer support.

Prometeo today markets technological platforms, offering a high quality pre-sale service. It deals with training and all related post-sales activities: technical support, integration, customization and development. Through Partner it is then able to carry out special projects in the areas of embedded control platforms (automation, HMI, motion), optimal control and Business Intelligence.


Prometeo is connected to a qualified network of partners, which allows it to complete its offer of commercial technological platforms with services, customizations, add-ons and complete projects.

Synesis consortium (

Prometeo is a partner of this new Italian-German company which, thanks to the quality of its team of researchers, offers first-rate "technological transfer" services. Prometeo is already collaborating with Synesis to define optimal control and innovative automation solutions. Through Synesis Prometeo is also able to provide high-level consultancy on the IEC 61499 methodology and on the dynamic simulation of production plants and the related control algorithms.

Institute of Industrial Technologies and Automation - CNR (

Prometeo has already carried out with ITIA-CNR a technological innovation project in the footwear sector funded by the Lombardy Region. It has also developed an automation project for a flexible production plant with ISaGRAF-IEC 61499 technology.

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