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Home Glass Industry R.O. S.r.l.

R.O. S.r.l.

RO, acronym for Operations Research, is an Italian company specializing in software creation, resource optimization, practical application of Operations Research, which has been dealing with glass cutting issues since 1984.

Some historical notes:

The company's foundations are based on software created in 1981, which despite the technical limitations of the time, achieved excellent results in reducing waste from glass processing.

The continuous research of RO in creating increasingly efficient algorithms has generated interest and consensus towards the company, since in addition to saving material and "machine time", the simplicity of use of the software and its compliance with all applicable standards.

In December 1995, Perfect Cut, a glass cutting optimizer, was born and its partner was Copmes, a company that was then a leader in the sector. This partnership allows RO to refine the product, create a specific CAD for the glass industry and autonomously develop other software products for the glass factory (Label Management, Complete Business Management, Planning, Scheduling and Monitoring of Production).

After the collaboration with Copmes ended in September 1998, RO opens up to collaborations with other manufacturers of cutting tables (Intermac, Forel, Valmac, CSM, Italiana Macchine) as well as companies that work in the assistance of machines for the glass factory.

In 2000, he created the Perfect GePro application software for Production Planning, Scheduling and Monitoring, integrated with the Perfect GEA management software. In 2015 he develops ERP in SQL Server environment.

Since 2000 RO has acquired other customers among the manufacturers of cutting tables, such as GFP, Macotec, OCS, CMS, Ersan, Erenmac, Eagle, LIVA.

It also develops a collaboration with a numerical control supplier such as ISAC.

In 2017 it constitutes a particular synergy with an ERP developer, the Australian company SPIL, with which RO has drawn up a joint venture.

As of 2019, it counts, as end customers, over 5000 glassworks located all over the world.

Company features and dimensions:

RO is a company currently made up of four partners and a dozen people dedicated to software development, documentation, software quality control, assistance and customer training.

The company has an advanced technology, with fiber optic connections, for customer assistance 24 hours a day; this activity is carried out via the Internet through telematic assistance programs such as TeamViewer and LiveCare which can be used both by Customers and by RO technicians when providing assistance to Customers.

RO has developed an automatic system via the Internet both for software updates and for enabling additional program options or new modules that customers request after the first purchase.

The quality of the software (understood as the absence of errors found in the field), the flexibility and availability of the staff are the fundamental requirements of the Company.

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