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Home Industrial Automation SAIA BURGESS CONTROLS ITALIA S.r.l.


Saia Burgess Controls has stood for 30 years: “control specialists”; development, production and sale of components and systems for control engineering, concentrated in a single location in the heart of Europe.
With a production of over 30.000 PLCs (Saia PCD®) and 1,5 Mil. of I / O points per year, ensures a high quality standard and stability over time, typical of an industrial product, while maintaining the flexibility of a medium-sized company, able to respond effectively and promptly to market demands.
Other features characterize the Saia PCD® product: flexibility and openness to communication with other devices for composing even very complex and heterogeneous network architectures, the basic integration of highly innovative functions such as the web server and file systems, available on each of our platforms and accessible from local and external networks, the simplicity and speed in creating infrastructure automation applications, thanks to graphical programming and the availability of specific application libraries.
The application areas of SBC products are typically those of on-board control of industrial operating machines, the automation of buildings and infrastructures such as hospitals, stations, museums, banks, offices, galleries, and the automation of territorial networks such as aqueducts .
The market players SBC addresses to are OEMs (machine builders) and system integrators who use Saia PCD® devices as a basis for building turnkey automation systems, for which SBC provides commercial services, logistics and technical support, directly from the local branch.

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    Home Industrial Automation SAIA BURGESS CONTROLS ITALIA S.r.l.