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Ongoing improvement to achieve full customer satisfaction has always been one of Sekoโ€™s main aims which it has pursued with commitment and passion, becoming a leading world specialist in the manufacture ofย machines and systems for Livestock Feedingย andย Waste Management.

Its fields of specialization, resulting of almost 50 years of intense activity in the agricultural mechanization sector and the in-depht knowledge of the multi-faced agricultural world, built-up over the years, make Seko, which has developed an important know-how and exports all over the world over 80% of its production, a competent reliable partner and a professional consultant who works for the development of a modern, profitable agriculture, in perfect harmony with respect for nature.

The interest in the health of the Planet and respect for the environment led Seko to create, now thirty years ago, a line of products for the transformation of waste into reusable materials, to pursue the way for saving the natural resources of the Planet and to contribute to manage the waste disposal in an intelligent way.

Thanks to its constant commitment, today Seko is a company with solid foundations, made of tradition and quality, with a strong international bias and with a great predisposition for innovation.

Self-propelled silage chopping-mixing-distributing feed wagons - Self-propelled mixing and distributing feed wagons - Towed compost sifters - Mounted-towed silage chopping-mixing-distributing feed wagons - Mounted-towed bale processors - Automatic or robot systems for feed or straw distribution in stable - Stationary feed mixing machines - Mounted-towed mixing-distributing feed wagons - Self-propelled compost aerators - Mounted-towed chopper wagons - Self-propelled chopper wagons - Stationary chopper wagons - Mounted-towed compost and wood chips sifters - Stationary compost and wood chips sifters

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