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SELTA S.p.a.

SELTA is an Italian technology company born and raised with the aim of innovating by supporting the digital transformation process of the markets. It is a leader in the fields of Automation and Smart Grid in the energy and transport sector, public and private telecommunications, corporate communication and smart working, and cyber security. SELTA's expertise and experience in the field extend over more than 45 years, a period in which the company has collaborated and established important ties with private companies of all sizes, central and local public organizations, entities offering public utility services and telecommunications operators. In SELTA's future vision, public and private critical infrastructures will be increasingly performing, available and able to provide users with a growing number of services that allow them to optimize, automate and support behavior, including predictive ones. SELTA is the ideal partner to support the digital transformation process of companies of all sizes, telecommunications operators, operators and managers of electricity, water and gas networks, multi-utilities, institutions and public administration bodies.

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