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Home Textile Industry SIMET S.r.l.

SIMET S.r.l.

We are in Emilia, a land that has always been characterized by great entrepreneurial ferment with a strong mechanical vocation; near Carpi which, since the Second World War, is one of the most important Italian textile districts, mainly oriented towards knitwear. Starting to produce textile machines was the logical consequence of these territorial premises and in 1967 SIMET started its own business producing winders, motors and automatisms for knitwear.

It immediately began selling its products all over the world and, starting from the mid-70s, it developed the first winding machines, first for domestic / laboratory use, then increasingly large and industrial.
With the passage of time, the range of products has been extended to include doubling machines and twisters for fancy yarns, always guaranteeing the highest quality levels.

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