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Home Foundry and Metalworking SIMI S.r.l. PETERLE


SIMI, now core producer and core shooters manufacturer, was established in 1993 by people with over thirty years experience in foundry field.

Born as a core making company in few years reaches 20.000 tons of cores per year production capacity mostly for the automotive industry.

SIMI success is granted by Macchine Peterle core shooting machines, a well-known brand for efficiency and reliability.

In 2007 Simi decides to acquire Peterle brand establishing SIMI-PETERLE, adding the new important business of core shooters and dedicated plants manufacturer to the usual core making activity.

Over the years, Simi Peterle experience becomes refined, connecting usersโ€™ culture to the manufacturersโ€™ one with the aim to improve quality, processes and productivity, always looking to innovation and new future projects.

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    Home Foundry and Metalworking SIMI S.r.l. PETERLE