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SIR S.p.a.

SIR was founded in 1984 by Luciano Passoni, an engineer who had the idea of combining the experience of three companies under the same shareholding structure โ€“ an electronics company, a mechanics company and an important technical design office โ€“ in a single business.
The result was an engineering company committed to robot automation R&D for the industrial sector.
It therefore specialised in the analysis of various situations and issues in companies from of the most diverse sectors, and works with them to obtain the best possible solutions in terms of flexibility, performance and investment.
SIR designs plants down to the smallest detail, shares its solutions with the client and assembles and installs the plants in its premises to allow the client to carry out a complete check on their performance.
In its 5,000 sqm plant, SIR โ€“ made up of 100 employees and more than 30 people working indirectly for it โ€“ develops and installs approximately 120 systems per year, customised in order to adapt to the specific needs of each client.
In over 35 years of activity, it developed more than 3,800 robotised systems in Italy and around the world, with clients spanning from small artisan businesses to the worldโ€™s major multinational corporations.

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