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Home Foundry and Metalworking SLAYER BLADES S.r.l.


Cor.Sa 3D is a division of Slayer Blades, leading company in the production of industrial blades and choppers. A new and innovative reality, with a great deal of business experience in the field of 3D optical scanning, reverse engineering, 3D printing and additive manufacturing- sand casting. Discover our services.

Cors.Sa 3D offers a wide range of services that are applicable in the varied sectors. Particularly, the company offers a 3D scanning service, ideal for any object of any dimension and useful for those who need to โ€œtransformโ€ an article into a three dimensional and digital file, usable on PC. Cor.Sa 3D performs 3D scans with optical technology that does not foresee contact with the model to be measured. In addition, these measurements can be performed both at the headquarters of Cor.Sa 3D in Casabeltrame, and also at the clientโ€™s company, by utilizing a compact optical 3D scanner.

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    Home Foundry and Metalworking SLAYER BLADES S.r.l.