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With the economic recovery and investment in the development of new products, the V.ORLANDI is now able to offer the market a complete product range of towing systems dedicated to original equipment sector Automotive, Agricultural, Military and Mining, characterizedย from dedicated products with very high values โ€‹โ€‹of load and particular surface treatments.ย The production of V.ORLANDI covers today all the requirements of the applications in the domestic and international markets, offering a range of products with load capacity from 3.5 tons to 500 tons.ย The product catalog of V.ORLANDI is now composed of four volumes: red catalog, dedicated systems for towing trailers, blue catalog, dedicated systems for towing trailers, green catalog, dedicated to towing systems for tractors andย catalog "Pacific", dedicated to the towing systems addressed mainly to countries in the area such as Oceania Australia and New Zealand.

Tow bars - Hitches - Towing eyes - Sleeder frames for hitch

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