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Home Glass Industry Vetreria di Borgonovo

Vetreria di Borgonovo

We create glass products for those who are attentive to design and quality. We are demanding and work for demanding customers. Glasses, goblets, vases and household items contain our history.

The production area makes use of two very modern melting furnaces, one of 110 and the other of 60 tons per day (max) of quarried glass, which feed nine production lines.

The factory produces 45,000 tons of glass a year, distributed over 130 million pieces and 500 different shapes, using a single type of superior quality glass, derived from the fusion of silica sand with the addition of fluxes, decolourants and refiners.

The glass used in the production process is of the extra-white type (lead-free), the product is modeled by means of pressing, pressure-blowing phases.

The production of the Borgonovo Glassworks is spread over three fundamental lines: Bar, Table and containers for the home and for industry.

Likewise, it is also possible to produce special items that can be used in promotional campaigns.

Particular attention is paid to packaging and packaging, which are carefully studied under the dual aspect of reliability and creativity.

A large part of the design and production of Vetreria di Borgonovo items is also conceived and carried out keeping in mind the needs of the Ho.Re.Ca channel. (Hotels, Restaurants & Catering). A remarkable resistance, both mechanical and to multiple washings, combined with a constant search for practical and elegant shapes, are the peculiarities that distinguish Borgonovo products.

The company holds the FSSC 22000 (Food Safety) and ISO 14000 (Environment) certifications by a prestigious European certifier.

Furthermore, the Company maintains a metrological certification of its articles bearing a tonnage line, according to Directive 2014/32/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 02/26/2014, called MID.

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    Home Glass Industry Vetreria di Borgonovo