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Home Glass Industry Vetreria Etrusca S.p.a.

Vetreria Etrusca S.p.a.

Vetreria Etrusca is a leader in the production of special containers, characterised by great creative sensitivity and a constant search for the technical solutions most able to meet the myriad of market demands, from the creation of products with original designs, to the personalisation of the existing lines in the catalogue. All our products are available in three colours, Extrabianco, Mezzobianco and Verdetrusco for containing and preserving the excellence of high-quality products. Vetreria Etrusca is the star among the strictly โ€˜Made in Italyโ€™ manufacturing companies, reaching far beyond the idea of a simple production company to be instead, a laboratory of research and innovation, with special focus on eco-sustainability and the ongoing expansion of the most stimulating production offers for the market: the factory of transparent ideas with its eyes on the future.

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    Home Glass Industry Vetreria Etrusca S.p.a.