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Home Glass Industry Vetreria Zamboni Guerrino

Vetreria Zamboni Guerrino

We specialize in insulating glass and flat glass processing for the building industry.
Over 50 years of experience allow us to fully understand the needs of customers and to offer them the most interesting innovations that technology places at your disposal.
Vetreria Zamboni Guerrino is a glass company located in the artisan area of S. Martino Buon Albergo (VR), with 50 years of experience in the flat glass transformation sector.
In the 1980s, one of the first plants for the production of insulating glass in the province of Verona was added to the company, starting a quality production aimed at a market of qualified window and door manufacturers in the Verona area.
Today the company is a reality with about 18 employees, equipped with a large flat glass warehouse, with storage of the material in an automatic classifier containing maximum measures 6000 x 3210, and an automatic classifier containing maximum measures 2400 x 3210 three lines of computerized automatic cutting machines, one for cutting flat glass (float) and two for cutting laminated (stratified) glass of maximum dimensions 6000 x 3210 with a cutting production capacity of approximately 600/700 m2 per day.
Finding an increasing demand for safety glass on the market, the company has equipped itself with a saw for cutting armored glass, from 3 to several layers, with a large warehouse of certified glass in classes 1B1-P2A, P5A-P6B -BR2/S, 1B1-P3A, available both in single pane and in insulating glass.
In 2005 the company purchased a robotic system for sealing insulating glass, reaching a daily production capacity of around 500 panels/day, in order to be able to process customer orders as quickly as possible.

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    Home Glass Industry Vetreria Zamboni Guerrino