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Home Glass Industry Vetrobalsamo S.p.a.

Vetrobalsamo S.p.a.

Vetrobalsamo S.p.A. is a company (with whole Italian capital) that manufactures special bottles.
Established in 1938 as a handcraft plant, it is located on a 180.000 square meters area in Sesto San Giovanni and thanks to the ecological sustainable choices made, it is considered as a urban glassworks, very well integrated in the city area.
Specialized in the creation of customised bottles, Vetrobalsamo is able to give an answer to any kind of requirements of the customer, even the most meticulous one, driving the client to the definition of the shape of its own bottle, up to its full satisfaction.
We manufacture more than half a million glass bottles per day in Maya and flint colours, for national and European market of wine, beer, oil and any other kind of beverage.
We can supply production lots starting from 20.000 pieces and, in case of considerable productions, we can guarantee the customer the possibility of collecting the bottles gradually from our stock, capable of more than 60 million pieces.
Unique glassworks in the glass field in Italy to have installed oxy-fuel furnaces, Vetrobalsamo manufactures bottles with low carbon footprint, letting the customers to be on the market in conditions of absolute pre-eminence in terms of environmental sustainability.
Vetrobalsamo is also able to deliver the goods with a simple notice of 24 hours throughout Italy; 48/72 hours in the rest of Europe.
Top quality and low carbon footprint. Vetrobalsamo bottles weigh less on the environment.

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    Home Glass Industry Vetrobalsamo S.p.a.